Group Coaching

Group Coaching helps teams listen to God with and through each other.  Your team will develop clarity as we help you process what the Lord is saying about your situation and what actions you should take as a group and individually.  The focus is not on content, but on collaboration, team learning, and cooperative planning.  We draw out the knowledge, experiences, and potential that God has already invested in the group members and their situations and help you coordinate to make the most of the wisdom and blessings God has given.

Group coaching is available for groups of up to 5 individuals who have prior relationship or are interested in forming deeper relationships.  Group members must be facing similar challenges in similiar situations, and it is recommended that they be in the same ministry, business, or organization.  If you are an individual that would like to join a group, please contact us so we might facilitate that happening.  The foundation of group coaching is the creation of shared value as a learning community and the convergence of the rhythms of life and work.  Individuals who desire to focus mostly on personal or individual situations should elect for one-on-one coaching instead.  One group member will be responsible for session cost, but groups are free to form cost-sharing arrangements on their own.

Session Format
Coaching sessions are bi-weekly (Paced) or weekly (Intense) for 1.5 hours and include three parts:

1. Placement (20-30 min)

  • What are we hearing from the Lord?
  • Prayer: Thankfulness and Guidance
  • Recap of last commitment & results
  • Team decision of next/current common challenge

2. Processing (45-50 min)

  • Relate the commonality of our situations
  • Elevate Thinking
  • Identify Assets and Resources
  • Align Actions

3. Execution (15-20 min)

  • Form individual and team committments
  • Plan to share benefits
  • Prayer: Strength and Courage
  • Set next session

Session and Bundle Pricing

We offer a discount for clients who purchase sessions in a bundle for two reasons: (1) clients see more results when they work with us consistently over a period time, and (2) consistent clients save us work and cut our overhead.  We do quality work and guarantee your value in every session.

Type Price  
Billed Monthly One-Time  
Per-Session Coaching N/A $220
($220 per session)
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3-Session Bundle
Paced: 6 weeks | Intense: 3 weeks
N/A $630
($210 per session)

6-Session Bundle
Paced: 12 weeks | Intense: 6 weeks

$420 for 3 months
($210 per session)

($200 per session)

12-Session Bundle
Paced: 24 weeks | Intense: 12 weeks

$400 for 6 months
($200 per session)

($180 per session)

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Need Help Deciding?

For most clients, a free 20-minute phone call or web conference is usually enough to determine whether coaching is right for your situation and which pricing plan best fits your budget.  We don't like pressure sales ourselves and feel like they violate Christian integrity, so we promise that when we talk we'll actually listen to you and help you decide what best fits your needs. Call Us at 404.784.1008 or Contact Us to set up a meeting.