Our Story

What makes the team at go ahead, launch tick?  We'd like to tell you a little bit about our story, our inspiration, and our calling.

We created go ahead, launch because of our passion to see people walk in their God-given calling.  We believe God has a calling, a purpose, for every individual, man, woman and child.  Our hearts beat with the Barnabas principle: when someone hears the Lord calling them to do something remarkable, amazing, or even impossible, they need encouragers, equippers, and traveling companions to come alongside. We offer resources and services to assist you to walk out your call in the special area God has gifted and launched you into.

Everything we do is focused on helping you and your organization fully realize your calling, your faithful course of action, and the community you are meant to serve 

Like building according to God's call: In this exerpt from NOVA, Michelangelo's fresco technique is described.

When Life Imitates Art

We understand the call of God, the Father, opens a precious and critical moment in your life. He is entrusting you with a picture of Himself that He wants to reveal to the world and that can only be expressed through you. In the same way that Michelangelo painted a fresco, the image God the Father is painting through you must be masterfully infused into the out-working of your call. But timing is also critical — every stroke of God-given design must be completed before the plaster dries.

This combination of poise, insight, and timing is what we do.

We listen with you as the Lord reveals the picture He has in mind. We hold open the process and offer encouragement so He can establish every stroke of how He wants to work with you. We line up resources and expertise so you can move in the exact timing He is orchestrating.

Our signature process of listening, encouraging, and equipping will help you clarify the call God has placed on your life, and help you fully walk in it.



Our Founders

Joe SchlosserJoe Schlosser

Joe Schlosser's passion is people coming to know the love of Christ as they pursue what they are called to do.   As an intense listener,  great encourager, and servant leader, he has a desire to redefine the definition of ministry in an outside the box way while still trusting the Lord in the process.  A certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach with over 28 years of experience in the area of coaching, web & graphic design, and promotional marketing, he has worked with numerous national and local corporations, businesses, and nonprofits, applying his gifts in evangelism, strategic thinking, analysis, and creativity.

Joe is the founder and President of Excellent Adventures!, Inc., a small business and ministry marketing and communications firm.  He also founded Kids Team, Inc., Excellent Marketing Group,  Excellent Mobile Marketing, and more recently Go Ahead, Launch, LLC.

Joe graduated from Georgia Tech with an Architectural degree and worked in that industry for 14 years before launching out as an entrepreneur.

Ben CheekBen Cheek

Over the past 15 years, Ben has helped communities of Christians and individuals discover, clarify, and pursue their call and contribution to God's mission through launching or growing a ministry, business, or nonprofit.  He has served as an urban missionary, church-planting coach, nonprofit founder, nonprofit board member, entrepreneur, consultant, organizational designer, and business coach.  He specializes in process design and project management and has skills in web-based technology, brand creation and marketing.

Be holds a B.A. In Scriptural Studies from Ohio Valley University and has specialized training from Abilene Christian University, Eastern Mennonite University, and New York University.


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