Our Purpose

We exist to equip and support the Body of Christ as they follow the call of God in ministry, business, and nonprofit work.  We blend the best of top-level coaching and group facilitation with comprehensive design and launch services.

What's Your Story?

We help people in three stages of pursuing their God-given call:

If this sounds like you:
I'm working on what my call is and what I should do with it. I'm clear on my call and I'm developing a plan to walk it out. I'm executing my plan and need to grow the community I serve.
We can help you with:
We help you listen to God to develop clarity on who He has made you to be, how that might translate into what you do, and what impact that will have on those you work with and serve.  Check out discover your call for more. We help you discern God's plan for expressing your call in your ministry, business, organization or career.  We work with you to map that plan to clear, manageable, effective steps forward for you and those God has given you for the journey ahead.  Find out more at plot your course. We help you syncronize your activities to God's vision and work for your community; whether they are team, market, user group, band of collaborators, or target group.  We help you develop creative ideas, skills, and rhythms to build engagement.  Read more at grow your community.

Options to Launch Your Story

one-on-one coaching

Focused sessions to sharpen your listening, clarify what your hearing, and make application to your life.  We're a sounding board and partner for accountability.

Choose Per-Session or Bundle Sessions

group coaching

Split costs and grow as a team with group coaching.  We help you decide on the theme for each session and facilitate disucssion and problem solving for eveyone's benefit.

Choose Per-Session or Bundle Sessions