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If you lead anything at all, this book is for you.

We need vision like never before.  Too bad nobody believes in it.

sess1 thumbThe critical problems that people are facing right now all have two things in common: they are big and they are confusing.  There has never been a moment when humanity needed vision more, but there may also have never been a time when casting vision was more difficult.  Just as our problems have converged in complexity and urgency, we've lost much of our faith in the leaders of our businesses, churches, organizations, and communities.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 82% of us say we can't trust our business leaders to be honest.
  • We trust political leaders 20% less than a few years ago, and their trust in us has fallen by the same amount.
  • More than six out of ten people feel church leaders don't make a significant impact on the world.

Vision Can Do Anything book and course takes a look at the factors behind this "visionary crisis" and shows how The Four Rules of vision can rebuild trust and reconnect people and vision so you can gain traction and advance the Kingdom in your business, church, or organization.

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The Trouble With Vision

What's wrong with vision? In word: complexity.

Complexity is making it supremely difficult for leaders to follow through on their promises. It is also making it harder for people to sort their options, avoid distraction, and contribute to a vision they believe in.  This means we need a paradigm of vision that conquers complexity so leaders can actualize and followers can execute.  Vision Can Do Anything articulates this paradigm built on two fundamental ideas:

Jesus knows more about complexity than anyone.

jesus matrixJesus is still Lord in this age of complexity.  While we've emphasized Jesus as the Truth and the Life in the past, recovering Jesus as the Way unlocks his methods and modes -- all of which have surprising power to tame our systems and integrate our lives.  The Gospel itself is a living system that hacks all other systems because it is the personal expression of the One who made them all.

Vision is a swiss-army knife, not a scepter.


People aren't waiting for heroes to raise up a vision and fill their empty lives with something.  They are looking for people who can empower them with powerful, simple, useful tools that make sense of jam-packed lives and that make those lives more meaningful.  If we think of ourselves as hackers, and vision as a universal tool of systems-savvy and people skills, we can transition from trying to gather power so people will server our vision to being able to truly give power so people can live out God's vision.

Want to know more about complexity and how the Way of Jesus and The Four Rules manage it so vision can do its work?  Begin by reading Vision Can Do Anything or sign up to take the mini-course.