Josh Schilling on Success and the Word in Business

Written by Joe Schlosser on .

Just found a great interview of multi-millionaire businessman Josh Schilling by Pastor Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church in Atlanta on following God's call and living out the mission in the work place.  Pastor Dennis points out the critical need for these types of conversations:

"One of the big disconnects in the church is between the business community and the church community and how do you blend those together."

As guys called by God to be entrepreneurs with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and leaders to realize their call in and out of the church, we couldn't agree more.  With church and marketplace clients, we spend a lot of time bridging the space between the two worlds, and we see both the artificial separation of the two and how much we have in common in Christ that can lead to exciting things.

Click the picture to watch or listen or download on the VWC website:

schilling rouse vwc

By the way, interviewing business leaders and entrepreneurs is a great idea for pastors to consider for Sunday morning.  It engages members deeply, is amazingly relevant, and helps people stretch their imagination for some of the incredible things God is doing right now.

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