What Does the Next Generation Want? Your Help Starting Something

Written by Ben Cheek on .

I'm Gen X, but like an older brother, many leaders ask me what's going on with the generation of our youth: the generation often called Gen Y or the Millennials.  Leaders know that unless this generation is reached, there won't be a future for many of the things we've been working hard to build.  They also know that most of our efforts to connect to the Millennials are failing:

While 89% of millennials grew up in a "religious" home,  only 75% are connected to any religion now.  Even of those 75%, less than three-in-ten go church once a week.  On the business side, unemployment and under-employment is extreme with Gen Y: hovering around 12% with only 43.6% employed in a full-time job and 53% are either jobless and under-employed for their education.  According to many researchers, the modest improvement in employment figures for this age group actually has to do more with how many are dropping out of the workforce all-together, rather than young people finding jobs.  Neither Wall Street nor Main Street is successfully engaging Gen Y.

The good news?  Leaders in the church and business have the same problem.  Anytime that happens, you have a convergence where a little collaboration can change everything.  What if there was one thing young people wanted that the church could work with businesses to provided?

There is:


What if the church worked with business leaders to create support platforms for the amazing 54% of young people who would like to start something?

It certainly gets us dreaming.  If it gets you dreaming too, post about it in the comments.  What have you thought about starting in the last year? What has kept you from do it?

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