Do You Know Your "Why?"

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I discovered some great content today.  It's the blog of Paul Sohn and it's called Salt + Light.  Paul Sohn(  Paul Sohn describes himself as an organizational chiropractor, purpose weaver, and kingdom-minded catalyst. Paul currently serves at The Boeing Company as a LEAN practitioner, providing expertise in continuous improvement initiatives, building high-performing teams and processes to create effective organizations. Paul also serves as an organizational consultant and Board Director at the Portland Leadership Foundation. He is writing his forthcoming book on how to live intentionally as a twenty-something.

One of his blog posts was a review of Simon Sinek's Ted talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action. In that post he pulls out the essence of Simon's talk.

The why-centered thinking is best explained by the Golden Circle:The What How and Why diagram - Simon Sinek

WHAT: Every single person on this planet knows WHAT they do.

HOW: Some people know HOW they do WHAT they do. HOWs are often given to explain how something is different or better.

WHY: Very few people can clearly articulate (i.e., why do you get out of bed every morning?)

The Golden Circle shows that the conventional thought-process of most people are:

 What –> How –> Why

Leaders like Apple, Martin Luther King Jr, and the Wright Brothers have started inside out:

Why –> How –>What

By starting with Why, Sinket means starting with purpose, cause, or belief that drives your What. Your What may change over time, but your Why doesn’t.

Paul states:

This new paradigm shift of thinking follows my thought-process of living with intentionality. I define living intentionally as living today as God intends you to live tomorrow. That is, you must discover your purpose in life, how to utilize your spiritual gifts, talents, and potential to achieve your vision. Life must be seen from a larger scheme rather than from a focus solely on your career, family, or personal life.

I encourage you to check out the full article at and then come up with your own "Why?" and how it applies to you life and business.  I encourage you to share what you come up with us in the comment section below.  Have you ever stopped and thought about that?  Take a few moments and do that, you may be surprised at what you discover.


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