How Do I "Launch"?

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go ahead launchSo what does is mean to "launch" something? It may begin with an idea, a need, your life's story, or an inspiration to save the world.  Whatever it is, it won't let go of you.  "It" keeps nagging you to do something.  So now you're sitting there wondering "how?"  "Where do I even begin to start "it?"

That is where we come in.  Our team of experts hope to help you take that first leap of faith required to do the impossible and assist you to "launch" your project, ministry, or business.  Some may call it "following your dream" or "answering the call" but whatever you call "it,"  there is a certain level of obedience required to do "it."  "It" takes hard work and a dedicated team to launch.  Our years of experience and entrepreneurial know-how will help make you be successful.  It is also a lot easier to launch if you have someone sitting in the seat next to you - guiding you, helping you, encouraging you, teaching you, coaching you .... you get the picture.

That's what we do.  From clarifying your brand, your message, your story, to creating your web presence and social media strategy [and all the little parts in between], we walk along side you every step of the way.

We believe that God has created you for a very special purpose and desitiny.  He doesn't call you without equipping you.  Each of us has been equipped in a special way with gifts and talents that we can either decide to use to God's glory or ignore.  Romans 14:12 (NIV) says, "Each of us will have to give personal account to God."  The Father will hold each of us accountable to what we did with the gifts we were given.  Answer the call God has placed on your life - you may be surprised at what your obedience leads to.

So go ahead, launch.  We are right there with you. We look forward to having you join us very soon. We would also love to hear what passion and gifts you believe you have, and how you want to use them.  Please share your story below.

joe mugJoe Schlosser is a creative faith-driven strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to turn their passion into profit using social media, web-based platforms and soul-based communication. My approach integrates proven strategic analysis and intuitive discernment so each client can identify their specific life purpose, the right resources to use, and how to advance God’s kingdom in a powerful and sustaining way.

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