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Dunamis InstituteThe Dunamis Institute was founded by Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) to equip the church to advance the Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

After years of successful on-location seminars and workshops, PRMI felt led to take their teaching and their missional community online.  We helped them develop their strategic plan to expand their faculty and develop online skills and tools for Internet instruction.  We also constructed their new website including a full Learning Management System (LMS).

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  • Discovering the Next Chapter of the Journey

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    PRMI asked for our help in thinking through and developing the Cyberspace Ministries portion of their recently completed Ten-Year Plan.  We listened with them to discover exactly where the Lord was leading them and how that could be applied to how they manage their community of clergy and lay leaders and deliver content to new populations and markets.

    Watch: Presentation at Dunamis Fellowship Meeting

    This is a presentation Ben Cheek of GoAheadLaunch gave at the DI Annual Meeting on the strategy we worked together to build [22 min.].

    011 Jan - Context for Understanding PRMI's Call Into Cyberspace by Ben Cheek from PRMI on Vimeo.

  • Linking New Things and Old Things

    prmi pfAs an organization that has been doing ministry for a while, PRMI had a lot of systems and workflows already in place.  Launching something major like an online school takes a lot of careful planning, but adding the launch to already busy schedules without stopping all that you're already doing is a real feat.  We worked together to create a project plan to launch the school on time, under budget, and as painlessly as possible.

    We also helped them develop a plan to integrate their new online learning initiatives into their existing operations.  With dozens of live -- and now online -- events happening, we needed to provide ways to faithfully integrate consistuent information using platforms that aren't designed to talk together.

    To make managing a large project easier, we deployed a dedicated install of the Projectfork Project Management System on the PRMI website.  This created a single place for all project participants to track tasks, discuss issues, and upload documents.

  • Designing to Start and Grow Deeper Relationships

    As a vibrant missional community, PRMI and it's Dunamis Fellowship global network of pastors, missionaries, and lay ministers knows a lot about developing relationships and growing community.  We helped PRMI translate this knowledge to the paradigm of Participatory-Network values systems -- the underlying revolution that is changing how people interact and think both online and offline.  Together, we also laid out what marketing messages and experiences would be necessary at different levels of relationship using the ATRALA Marketing Framework.  With all this integrated, it was easy for the Dunamis Institute to talk and think about the way it would need to function to execute its new direction.

    What to know more?  Download the PDF White paper below.

    Free White Paper Download

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    The way people think and interact is rapidly changing.  In this whitepaper, we explore the broad dynamics that are powering the social, cultural, and economic mega-shift at hand and how that changes the values we must include in marketing.  We then introduce the ATRALA Marketing Framework developed to address these values and apply it to several web-based delivery models.

    PDF | 2.4 MB | 17 pages

  • A Seamless Experience Accross Multiple Platforms

    di monitorSince the Dunamis Institute represented the launch of a new major ministry as well as a online learning website, we had to develop both a marketing-focused website and blogs and a learning center.  The dynamic and powerful Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) was chosen for the main site with Wordpress-powered blogs for key leaders.  We built the Learning Center on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).   All three of these platforms are open-source software, freely available, with a license that will never expire or need renewal, and massive online user communities that provide low-cost help.



    We used Joomla's extensive library of third-party extesions to add the following features:

    • Event Booking: Calendar & Event Registration

    • JoomDonation: Online Donor tracking and Online Giving
    • JomSocial: Social Networking Platform

    • Joomdle: Single-Sign-On and Webservice Bridge for Joomla/Moodle
    • Custom Responsive Template based on YooTheme Warp 6

    • YooTheme Widget Kit site widget system.

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