How Jesus Gives Vision (Webinar Replay)

What Jesus Knows About Vision Casting

The Biblical Foundation of the Refresh Organization Vision Process

When we built the refresh vision process, we started with two questions: First, "How was Jesus able to share a vision that totally transformed His followers, changed the destiny of the World, and impacted billions of people across history?" Second, "What can business owners, entrepreneurs, church planters, pastors, and organization directors do to pattern their own vision process after Christ for deeper, longer, and boarder impact?"

Here's the video from our hour-and-seven minute webinar that breaks down the 7 key steps of the refresh process and shows how they are based on the practices and teachings of Jesus:

jesus vision video

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Download the Presentation Slides

Download the slides for the presentation in PDF format.  The slides contain scriptural examples that are great for sermon series, personal study, and deeper theological exploration.

Resources Mentioned

We mentioned the following resources during the webinar that might be useful when you apply some of the concepts:

You can also check out our First Presbyterian Church Branson Case Study to see how we applied the refresh principles to a real-world situation.