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"How do you know if what you do brings 'glory' to God? I'm trying to completely understand 'righteousness' and 'glory to God'. I've always wondered these things. Thank you." This was a great question ... [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 04 October 2013 / Videos & Presentations
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What Jesus Knows About Vision Casting The Biblical Foundation of the Refresh Organization Vision Process When we built the refresh vision process, we started with two questions: First, "How was Jesus ... [ +++ ]
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There's something really important about the beginning of things.  Before any  complications, any corruptions, anything that bumps the tragectory off course — there is a perfect moment when ... [ +++ ]
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As I am returning from a trip to Branson, MO where we met with a client church this weekend, I am reminded of all the things that now need to get finished so we can launch our new eCourse, fresco.  When ... [ +++ ]