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... cut costs in a hurry, the coffee seller made a plan to cut 600 US stores in 2008 and 200 in 2009, plus another 100 overseas.  All the cuts had a major impact on profit and costs, but also on the giant's ... [ +++ ]
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A new poll out by Pew Research takes a look at trust and values issues and how they are effecting choices for various generations of Americans.  One stat in particular really struck me.  Take ... [ +++ ]
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Today we're opening up the Vision Can Do Anything Mini-Course.  The mini-course follows our new book of the same title, and includes video shot at the Velocity 2014 conference.  Participants ... [ +++ ]
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... Anne Seymour (eds.). "Chapter 3: Ultimate Adult Learning" The Ultimate Educator. National Victim Assistance Academy: Advanced Topic Series, 2002. Pgs. 3-6 - 3-7. ... [ +++ ]
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What Jesus Knows About Vision Casting The Biblical Foundation of the Refresh Organization Vision Process When we built the refresh vision process, we started with two questions: First, "How was Jesus ... [ +++ ]
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As we've launched dozens of projects -- businesses, organizations, products, services, churches, schools, and websites -- we've learned a few things about what to do and what not to do.  One of the ... [ +++ ]
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The refresh vision process helps your church discover or renew your vision using a participatory process that engages everyone: leaders, staff, members, and stakeholders. Built on 7 key Biblical principles, refresh ... [ +++ ]
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Michelangelo's fresco painting technique demonstration from a NOVA episode. Fresco means "Fresh" in Italian, painting on the wet plaster. The Lord gave me this word "Fresco" for this organization on ... [ +++ ]