Discover Your Call

We believe God had each of us in mind before one atom of the Earth was placed on another.  He destined us to live as His sons and daughters and He designed good works for our participation and His glory in every area of life and society.  Are you ready to move with your Father as you live out what you were meant to do?

quotation 32Without your mentoring, wisdom, vision, tech skills, ability to integrate between ministry and business, and prayer, I would not have been able to launch so smoothly last year. Most important, you have an ability to hear and understand the vision that God is birthing in the entrepreneur's heart and then all the hard skills to help them bring it to market.

- Christian Zebley
Global Leadership Dynamics

Three Essentials For Discovering Your Call

Deep Listening.  Your call is something scared.  It's God-given, not man-generated.  Your ambition or other's expectations pale in comparison to the power and wonder of the things God thinks about you and the plans He has drawn out for your life.  That's why we help you listen as God reveals your call, and wrestle along side you for clarity, but we will not and cannot touch what belongs to the Lord alone -- your destiny.  
Traveling Companions.  Jesus developed the call of His disciples within a community on a journey.  He still does today.  Even though His followers each have their own path -- turning the world upside down as they carry the Gospel to the edges of the Earth -- they remain changed and connected because of who they have become traveling together with Jesus.  God is giving you people for the journey -- some you likely know now and some you will soon meet.  We help you connect with these people who are destined to share your road.  You may find some within the Go Ahead Launch community and others among your friends and neighbors.  Our job is to empower the meaningful conversations that turn God-connections into God-community.
Good Work.  Knowing your call is much simpler than walking in it.  When God tells you who you really are, He immediately provides challenges and opportunities which test, refine, and grow you through application and practice.  But the promise of the Gospel is that God Himself will teach His people get them ready for their part in His mission and the He will counsel and empower them as they do it.  We help you recognize challenges and opportunities as they come and listen with you for the instruction and counsel of God through the process.  We also provide sight and a sounding board to discern the steps ahead and can help you connect to the services and help you need to do the work you've been assigned by the Lord.

You can apply this to:

Personal Direction

  • Vocational Discernment
  • Organizational Role
  • Strengths Discovery

Brand Creation

  • Brand and Name Design
  • Organizational Narrative
  • Market Positioning

Human Resources

  • Team Unity-in-Diversity
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Inspiration and Activation

I'm ready to go!  What are my options?

one-on-one coaching

Focused sessions to sharpen your listening, clarify what your hearing, and make application to your life.  We're a sounding board and partner for accountability.

Choose Per-Session or Bundle Sessions

group coaching

Split costs and grow as a team with group coaching.  We help you decide on the theme for each session and facilitate disucssion and problem solving for eveyone's benefit.

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