Grow Your Community

community 470We believe humanity was designed and destined for full participation in God's family.  Just as the Spirit is the down payment and preview of this reality for the daughters and sons of God, the relationships we create are previews of Gospel community for others.   Are you ready to join the dance of the Spirit as you build relationships, gather people, and impact the community to which you're sent?

quotation 32I have seen God reveal things to me that I would not have normally seen if I was working with marketing consultants who were not believers. From the simple ability for us to share a moment of prayer before a "business" lunch all the way to being able to talk about true purpose of life. By having you help out on two business projects over the last year, there has been a level of peace for me knowing that I would have quality product, quality advice, and quality resolution in the event of any changes in direction.

- Jason Peoples, entrepreneur

Facilitating Three Stages of Relationship in Community

Opening Encounter.  Community is woven together as relationships connect and strengthen through the sharing of meaning: value and virtue that benefits each member and contributes to a sum greater than the parts.  These relationships begin as you create opportunities for awareness that invite people to experience meaningful potential.  Once people see the potential, they are ready for trial -- to sample the meaning you offer for themselves.   We help you design these experiences of awareness and trail, and we can provide the skills, support, and tools to position these experiences where and when they will have the most impact.
Deepening Engagement.  Healthy community grows its members.  Growth begins by demonstrating the relevancy of the meaning you provide as value and virtue expand people's own potential.  Trust accelerates growth and affinity is established through repeated meaningful experiences.  We help you design experiences, practices, and support structures that support the growth of both the people you work with and those you serve, and we can help you develop the skills, resources, and tools you need to build engagement in pace with your community's growth.
Building Collaboration.  Community is not an end in itself.  It must exist to advance a purpose for both its members and something bigger than itself.  This requires collaboration in two stages:  First, you raise loyalty by applying the results of growth in ways the multiply benefits for all participants.  As people see the meaning you provide as integral to who they are, the will be ready for advocacy -- the willingness to employ who they are to advance the mission of what you do.  We help you listen to your people and design collaborations that multiply value and advance your cause and provide skills training, design services, and tools to build loyalty and deploy advocates.

You can apply this to:


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Media Strategy

Products & Services

  • Product/Services Line-up Design
  • Customer Education and Support Plans
  • Consumer & User Communities


  • Stakeholder Development and Engagement
  • Volunteer/Donor Development
  • Employee Adoption and Alignment

I'm ready to go!  What are my options?

one-on-one coaching

Focused sessions to sharpen your listening, clarify what your hearing, and make application to your life.  We're a sounding board and partner for accountability.

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group coaching

Split costs and grow as a team with group coaching.  We help you decide on the theme for each session and facilitate disucssion and problem solving for eveyone's benefit.

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