Plot Your Course

course 470We believe Jesus modeled a life of overflowing abundance.  He demonstrated how to speak and act in sync with our Father.  He invites us to learn His ways that love others completely while building results that endure.  Our participation in His work and the application of our call to life and society are one in the same.  Are you ready to design a course of action with Jesus as you build and grow good things together?

quotation 32"Writing" and "publishing" are not always the same thing, and I was very uncertain how to publish a book the Lord had called me write. If it had not been for both your expertise in self-publishing material and sense of call to help people like me to be faithful to the Lord, my ministry of training and equipping people for "listening prayer" might have been either delayed or "quenched".

Your obedience has helped me to be obedient and grow in my effectiveness to minister. Thanks for being obedient to the Lord!

- Denny Finnegan, author
FOUNDATIONS – Understanding
Prayer Ministry In The Local Church

Three Core Components for Building with Jesus

Meaningful Story.  The Gospel is a story.  It's the story of a unbelievably loving God who is drawing people into His family and unifying all things together under His Son.  You have been given a chapter to live out in this grand narrative.  This means that plotting a course for your life, business, organization, or ministry begins with developing clarity about your situation, God-given potential, and real-world challenges -- all in the light of meaning that God wants to birth through you.  There is only one plan in the Kingdom, whether it is accomplished in a business, ministry or individual life -- to reveal God to the world.  We help you develop a plan that reveals the Father's heart and we help you create the virtue and value God is delivering from his heart to the lives of those He loves (whether they are your customers, clients, stakeholders, employees, members, or market).
Connecting Practices.  If Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, then the primary work of living out your story is connecting.  Jesus' example proves that connections are nurtured by practices and rhythms of the three areas:  First, you must keep an abiding connection to God and recieve from Him the counsel and power to do His will.  Second, you must align the connections between ideas, resources, and workers according to his leading  -- in a way that is consistent with your God-given story and meaning.  Third, you must align the product of your work to be fully accessible to those you are called to serve and that blesses them in a way that spills across their connections from life to life.  We help you forge and grow consistent practices that build and maintain effective connections to produce authentic relationship and results that bless people in every direction.
Well-positioned Experiences.  When your plan and your practices are fully infused with the presence and ways of God, the experiences you create -- both for those you work with and those you serve -- will be naturally tuned to the great symphony the Holy Spirit is composing.  The messages you create for your workers or your market will resound with the same remarkable tone of God's work in their life.  The products and services you offer will truly bless lives and create enduring relationship.  The collaborations and partnerships you build will be conduits for God's purpose, opening each life from the flow of love proceeding from the Father.  We help you craft the creative and communication skills to support these experienes you will use to accomplish your part of God's mission both inside and outside your organization, ministry, career or business.

You can apply this to:

Direction & Identity

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • Strategy + Org. Culture Integration

Organizational Plans

  • Business Plan Development
  • Growth/Development Plans
  • Executive Narrative

Community Facilitation

  • Team Alignment
  • Convergence Assessment
  • Visioning Proccess

I'm ready to go!  What are my options?

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group coaching

Split costs and grow as a team with group coaching.  We help you decide on the theme for each session and facilitate disucssion and problem solving for eveyone's benefit.

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