1. participation

    People must own the process. It's not enough for leaders to have vision. A organization must dream together, claim it's story and commit to write the next chapter together. 

    2. story

    When people are participating, you can discern the the story God has given you, and you can see where you're headed and what he's invested in you to get there.

    3. meaning

    When you know your story, the meaning God wants to create
    through you will be clear. From this meaning God will create real value to bless lives and to serve the Kingdom.

    4. connections

    Your meaning will point to the connections you need to make
    inside and outside your organization, forming a network of people and resources for creativity and influence.

    5. practices

    As connections form, it will become clear what practices will
    nurture your network, support your meaning, and advance your mission.

    6. position

    With robust connections and practices formed, you'll be ready to take a responsible and relevant position of impact in your environment.

    7. experiences

    From your position, you'll create experiences for those you
    lead and serve that will change lives and involve new people in your mission. This will create new stories to add to your next vision cycle.
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Refresh: 7 Keys to Clarify God's Vision for Your Organization ... and Then Live It

The refresh vision process helps your business, non-profit, church, or community discover or renew your vision using a participatory process that engages everyone: leaders, staff, members, and stakeholders. Built on 7 key Biblical principles, refresh empowers your organization to clearly hear the story God is crafting for your life together and to execute the steps necessary to walk out the next chapters of your mission.

The refresh process book outlines our Strategic Coaching process which has launched or revitalized dozens of churches, ministries, businesses, and new projects.

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refresh sequence

The refresh sequence helps all participants move together through the vision process.  It's designed to be inclusive without sacrificing movement forward, and clarity that will empower pratical mission.

Apply refresh To Your Project or Organization.

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A Church Refreshed... How An Organic, Embedded Process Can Get Everyone Moving Forward

fpcb logo web3 Working through the refresh process with Go Ahead Launch brought the first clear understanding of what God wants First Presbyterian of Branson to be all about. The process insured "buy-in" from all ministry areas and from the congregation and the Go Ahead Launch team was very patient through the entire process. They brought expertise and objectivity to the vision process. I would absolutely recommend them to other organizations looking at going through a re-visioning "refresh" process."

Jack Herschend Co-Founder - Herschend Enterprises, Member of FPCB

Read more about our project with First Presbyterian Church, Branson.