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Building Web Presence That Adds Real Value To What You Do

As our world gets smarter and more online, more people are choosing products, services, opportunities, and communities based on what they look like and offer over the Internet.  Make an impact and build value with a well-designed and well-supported online presence.

What Makes a Powerful Web Experience?

Now, all information is instant and there's an app for everything.  This means the window to make an impression is getting smaller and the expectations for online value are growing.  Explore the tabs below to discover the three core ways we help you deliver to your wired audience.

  • design platformsDesign that is artful, timeless, classic.

    Good design keeps three things in balance: who you are, who your audience is, and who God is calling you both to become together.  Navigating the creative tension between these three isn't easy, but it's worth the effort.  God-like creativity is the foundation of crafting the final product and touches every part.  Great web design should shoot for nothing less.

    home features ideas

    We like to listen deeply and get a sense of who you and your audience are and design from there.  We'll combine the best creative skills with the most robust web and app design platforms to create a simple, powerful, stunning online presence.

  • Sites and Apps that do something worthwhile.

    Web is an entire world.  We leverage the exploding online community of app developers to add functionality for your users at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.  With the best open-source and propriety platforms you can add amazing features to sites.  What would you like your site to do?

    home features processesHere's the short list of what we can make your site/app do:
    eCommerce | Event Management | Donor Management | Client Resource Management (CRM) | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Niche Social Network | Learning Management System (LMS) | Wiki | Knowledge Base | Project Management | News Aggregation | Video Social Network | Webcasting ...

  • Tech ROI is all about your people skills.

    Did you know that approximately 70% of what's invested in technology goes to waste?  That's because many tech-producers and tech-buyers think of tech as a silver bullet.  While technology can add value to what people do, it cannot replace what people do.  This means that the people portion of any project is absolutely critical.  From small projects to large, the key to success is knowing how to manage the people-part of what you're building.

    home features networkOur approach to web & app development projects (both small and large) will help your people engage in the process from start to finish.  We can include your team in the design and planning phase, help you build a base of beta-testers, train your people to use and support your solution, and help launch your project to your audience.

What's Your Web Project?

We love to hear idease people have about reach their audience online.  Drop us a line and we'll listen and offer our best insight.  If we can help, we'll layout what that might look like.  If we can't, we promise to still offer our best advice to point you in the right direction.

Let us know your details and we'll schedule some time to talk by phone or video conference in the next few days.

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